Gatto Astucci & MIB School of Management Trieste.

Gatto Astucci & MIB School of Management Trieste.

20 June, 2019

Gatto Astucci worked for three days side by side with the master’s students of the MIB School of Management of Trieste. It was part of a lessons dedicated to the development of new products.

The very heterogeneous and multinational group of students, coordinated by a teacher who has provided a working methodology, has ventured into a project intended to provide ideas for innovation (marketing and technology) based on the indications provided directly by Gatto Astucci and explained in classroom by the general manager of the Group, Cristian Paravano.
The course highlighted the most relevant management methods used to identify new product or service ideas, developing new product concepts and placing them on the market. The lesson also emphasized the importance of teamwork and how the various inter-functional competences in the innovation process are used.

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