19 June, 2019

From 1 to 20 October at Viscom, at Fieramilano Rho, Sarno will be one of the sponsor companies charged with experimenting the applicati on of the raw materials for the prodution of exhibition design solutions in the sports field.

The Elementaria exhibition aims to activate the market’s attention to the companies producing raw materials of polymeric, metallic, wood, paper-techincal, highlighting the positive characteristics, specifically through the following:

1- highlighting the quality of Italian tradition and research in the relationship between form, function and “Made in Italy” style, in this market sector. Enunciation of the most significant features including eco-sustainability.

2- recyclability, aesthetic value, mechanical and thermal performance, durability of the material, innovation content, are certainly values to be considered as project objectives.

3- Focus on the versatility of raw materials, which must be given to the multiplicity of functions and qualities required by design and industrial processes through the expressiveness of a visual Language.



Suppliers of raw materials characterised by the new factor in terms of constitutive or using formula and therefore of interest for aesthetic quality, technical, mechanical, eco-compatibility and sustainability performance. Producers, first-level processors and distributors belong to this category.

Designers and architects: professionals who will give creativity and designskills analysed to innovation in the field of application of materials and exhibition systems.

Sponsors and stakes holders belonging to the category of the branded industry can sponsor the event exhibiting their own brand and if will be interest for the prototypes realized, will benefit from a prelations for the acquisition of the same.

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