Certified quality, ethics, and sustainability

The GATTO Group is committed to a constant improvement of its production processes in order to guarantee high quality standards.

All the companies of the GATTO GROUP adopt and apply a correct and ethical work practice, respecting the universally recognised standards of fundamental human rights.


All the companies in the group recognise that the basic principles of entrepreneurial activity related to trade secrets, respect for intellectual property, sincerity, transparency, and keeping promises contribute to credible, stable, and sustainable business relationships.

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Laboratory test program:

Directive n.1907/2006 REACH, Directive n. 2002/95/CE RoHS
Consumer Product Safety Improvement CPSA


ISO9001-2015, ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO 45001:2018 , SA8000, Nike HSE & HR Audit, CO2 FOOTPRINT, Workplace Condition Assessment certification, FSC-r ( FSC-C149931 ) –Forest for all forever

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