One team, many products | luxury packaging and visual display

A single point of reference for all luxury packaging, visual display, and signage projects.

With us it is easy to manage many projects at the same time, all following the same style guide and managed by a single creative and productive team. Thus, all the products, from the display to the package or even the shopping bag, contribute to the realisation of a unique and exclusive project.

With all the advantages of a coordinated management of logistics, synchronised with the different production units, a centralised quality control, and of course an R&D that follows the customer from the project to the production.

From display to packaging, we provide a complete assistance service for the creation of innovative display solutions and sophisticated packaging, in heterogeneous merchandise sectors, from cosmetics to electronics, from watchmaking to jewellery.

Our style centre produces ideas and, thanks to the specific experience in the most varied merchandise sectors, it works in coordination with all the companies of the Group, combining design, innovation, technology, and industrialisation.


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