Foundation of the Gatto Astucci company

Foundation of the Gatto Astucci company by the brothers Vigilio and Remo de Silvestro and Livio Gatto, a factory specialising in the production of eyeglass cases. 1937

Foundation of the FA.IS.A

Foundation of the FA.IS.A (Fabbrica Istriana Astucci). 1994

Diversification of the activities

Diversification of the activities with the acquisition of the company Gatto Display, specialised in the production of high-end packaging for jewellery, watchmaking, and cosmetics. 2002

Foundation of ACM Wuxi

Foundation of ACM Wuxi, the Chinese production site for cases for the eyewear market. 2003

Foundation of Fraternal

Foundation of Fraternal, site for the production of boxes in China and acquisition of Sarno Display, a company specialised in the design and production of display stands and showcases for the cosmetics, electronics, and jewellery industries. 2008

Acquisition of the Idea Group company

Acquisition of the Idea Group company, specialised in the design and production of tailor-made store furniture. In the current year the Gatto Group reaches a peak in turnover of 68 million euros. 2010

The De Silvestro Family

The De Silvestro Family re-acquires ownership of the Group and proceeds to reorganise the company 2014

100% Family Company



Extension of the Gatto USA branch, with the opening of a new office and showroom in NY. 2018

Sustainability Report

First steps towards the production of a Corporate Sustainability Report. 2019

Circular economy project

Sustainability Report GRI Shared Value 2018-2019. Non-financial reporting. First circular economy projects. 2020


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